Manfacturer and Supplier for Universal Device Programmers, Chip Burners, Gang Programmers , CF Duplicators, SD duplicators

Chipmaster 6000u  Industrial Engineering and Production
48 Pin Super Reliable  Universal ChipProgrammer        
GangStarPro-848u Industrial Memory Production
8 Station High Speed 48 Pin Turbo Gang Programmer 
XPRO-6100 Industrial Quality  Programmer
144 Pin PC based or Stand Alone Universal Programmer
XPRO-6104g  Industrial Maximum Support
Concurrent/ 144 Pin Gang Programmer
devicelist in pdf
GP-400  Low Cost Stand Alone 
48 Pin PC based or Stand Alone  Universal Programmer
GangPro-8xp  Industrial Classic 
Classic EPROM/ Memory Gang Programer Duplicator
EVP-390 ( Needhams Electronics) $375.00!
Low Cost  Personal 48 Pin Universal Programmer
T-400 Nand Flash Gang Programmer
EVP-290 ( Needhams Electronics) $275.00!!
Low Cost  Personal 40 Pin Universal Programmer
GangSD-23: SD Card  ( Secure Digital Card)
Stand Alone One Master 23 Slaves Duplicator , Copier
Low Cost UV EPROM Eraser , 15 device Capacity
GangCF-7 Compact Flash Duplicator (CF )
Stand Alone CF copier, One Master , 7 Slaves
CUBEL-5.0    PAL / PLD / CPLD  Design Software
Create JEDEC File, Enter Design Boolean or State Machine Equations